About Me

Emily Graham stands with back to camera with long brown hair, black pants and denim jacket. She is standing in a small black booth with a control panel and speakers. She is pressing buttons to play music through the speakers. A sign over the booth says Monument Lab, a project run by Mural Arts Philadelphia in 2017. The booth is centered in the frame with views of a Franklin Square, a Philadelphia park, on either side.

My name is Emily Graham. I am the Lifestyle Editor of The Hawk newspaper at Saint Joseph's University. As a writer and editor, I value creativity, attention to detail, and good storytelling. I try to think outside the box and cover topics that no one else has. At the same time, appealing to a larger audience is a priority. Finding ways to make a story interesting to more than just those directly involved is always important.

My resume describes all of my related experience. For examples of my work, please visit my portfolio.

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