Part One

Adjusting to writing in code has definitely been challenging so far. I do a lot of writing in my daily life as an editor for The Hawk newspaper. When writing for print, I take more time to write longer pieces and follow a specific method of structuring the stories. When coding, there is much more effort involved in writing, which made me want to keep everything brief. I had to think more about the code and what it would look like on the page. While writing for print, visual appeal and readability are not a concern in the writing process. Writing for the web forces you to think about length, clarity and conciseness at the beginning. On top of that, I have to follow correct code as I go, making the writing process more complicated. It is an interesting adjustment to go back and forth between print and web writing. I have gotten used to it by now, but it has still been a process to adjust to the new style.

Part Two

Thinking back to where I started in the coding process, I have made a lot of progress in terms of both skill and comfortability. I am generally content with my current resume because it looks much cleaner and more organized than it did a few weeks ago. I feel that I was able to implement most of the concepts we covered in class, such as floating, using a background image, selecting fonts and colors, and styling the different media screen sizes. I used a variety of different tags and managed to keep my code organized.
If I had more time and skill, I would have wanted to work more on the layout of each screen size. Some of the spacing on the large screen is not perfect, and I was not able to get my contact information exactly where I wanted. Additionally, I did not do as much work coding for a tablet screen. It pretty much looks exactly the same as the phone screen, except for slightly bigger font sizes. I think it looks fine, but I would have liked to do more with the layout to make it more interesting.